Petit, Jacob – French Porcelain Decorator

Pair of Jacob Petit Paris Porcelain Tulip Vases, mid‑19th c., signed J.P

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Pair of Jacob Petit Paris Porcelain Scent Bottles, 19th c., one marked "JP", each modeled in the form of a steeple with the male and female figures in Renaissance attire peering out the windows

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Pair of Paris Porcelain Scent Bottles, 19th c., in the style of Jacob Petit, each painted with figural decoration, reverse with flower sprays

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Pair of Paris Porcelain Fish Vases by Jacob Petit, French, mid 19th century, figural spill vases in the form of an open mouthed gilt fish, resting on a base of seashells and flowers

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Jacob Petit (French, 1796 to 1868)

Jacob Petit was the greatest exponent of innovation in nineteenth century Paris porcelain. A self-taught painter, he launched a modest porcelain manufacturing business in 1830. By 1839 Petit employed about 200 craftsmen and enjoyed great success. His prodigious production included vases, urns, clocks, figures, inkwells and perfume bottles. Of particular interest are the figural veilleuses, or bedside tea warmers, known as personnages. These brightly painted beauties can be found in the form of exotic characters like Chinese noblemen, sultans and sultanas and fortune tellers, or more mundane subjects, such as nuns or street vendors. Each one is made in several parts, the top being the teapot, and the hollow bottom with an opening in the back which conceals the tiny porcelain oil lamp or godet.
Although most Paris pieces are unmarked, (except for some scratch marks on the glazed bottoms), Jacob Petit’s factory usually marked its wares on the bottom with an underglaze blue “J.P.”.

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