Wang Xisan

A fine, rare inside painted Chinese snuff bottle by Master Wang Xisan, inscribed, "Spring Month Wu Shen (1968), One Bottle Studio, Xisan painted."

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Wang Xisan

Wang Xisan (born 1938) is probably the best-known modern Chinese painter of inside snuff bottles, his works are highly sought after by collectors world-wide and are in the collections of major museums.

Wang Xisan became enthralled by inside painted bottles (“Nei Hua”) as a child visiting the fairs at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Eventually he studied the art with Ye Xiaofeng and Ye Benqi, sons of the late 19th century master Ye Zhongsan, and was the first student outside of the Ye family to be trained by this illustrious family. Because of his extraordinary talent, Wang Xisan has been assured a place in the history of Chinese art.

In 1968 Wang Xisan founded the Ji School of Inside Painting Art which has evolved into the Xisan Academy of Art and Design. Today (2011), at 73 years of age, he continues to guide and teach students.

Biographical information courtesy of New Orleans Auction, December 2001.

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