Collection of Gertrude Dittmar – Pook Provenance 10-2013

A Pennsylvania stoneware pitcher attributed to Richard C. Remmey, with incised cobalt floral decoration, and with a presentation date of 1903

p4A ItemID E8910512
A Pennsylvania stoneware pitcher with cobalt floral decoration attributed to Richard C. Remmey

p4A ItemID E8909130
A New Jersey stoneware crock by Humiston and Warner, with cobalt leaf decoration

p4A ItemID E8909129
A Bennington, Vermont stoneware jug by Julius Norton, with cobalt floral decoration

p4A ItemID E8909128

Collection of Gertrude Dittmar, Colts Neck, New Jersey

In 1943, from the army camp where he was stationed, my father wrote to my grandparents asking them to store for him an 18th century table and corner cupboard he’d just purchased for the home he would make with my mother after the war. Once in that home, these two pieces were gradually joined by others, until the farmhouse my parents share for over half a century — and some of the outbuildings around it as well — were overflowing with folk art and antiques.

Collecting antiques and folk art was my parents’ passion — a lively passion whose focus shifted over time. Some of the more formal pieces they’d collected early on got stored elsewhere, as painted furniture, fraktur and theorems, redware, chalkware and carvings began filling the rooms of the house. The look of the collection changed. But the collecting never stopped.

Many of the objects my parents left behind have warmed the homes of my brother and me, but some of them have gone back out into the world, as others will continue to do. My mother said that when she dusted the objects she thought of all the hands that had made them and cared for them. She wanted the objects to go on, ever finding their way to appreciative eyes and hands.

-Gertrude Dittmar

Information courtesy of Pook & Pook, Inc., October 2013.

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