Snyders Archelogical Site

Snyders Archelogical Site

Snyders is the name attached to the site of an important pre-historic Indian village on a farm owned by Andrew Snyders. The site is located in Calhoun County, Illinois, five miles north of Batchtown. It’s situated at the foot of the eastern Mississippi River bluff on a sloping terrace. It covers approximately six to eight acres of the bluff-base slope. Hopewell culture burial mounds are located on top of the bluff.

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Ferruginous Quartz

A Missouri collected ferruginous quartz hourglass form bannerstone. Ferruginous quartz crystals on iron ore from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A ferruginous quartz hinge type bannerstone collected in Indiana. An end view of the hinge type bannerstone. Ferruginous Quartz

Ferruginous quartz, sometimes called Hematoide, is a variety colored in yellow, red, or brown variations of differing intensities by inclusions of iron compounds, usually iron oxides and hydrous iron oxides, and hematite or limonite. These quartz [...] Click here to continue reading.

Dovetail Points

Dovetail Points

Officially known as St. Charles points, but commonly called Dovetail or Plevna points, these prehistoric artifacts are medium to large points with narrow corner or side notches defining the base or stem. The base is typically fan shaped and resembles the spread-out tail of a dove, hence the collector’s term for this form. A small number of these points have been found having a shallow basal notch.

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Tumbaga – definition


The origins of the word ‘tumbaga’ are obscure and complex, but the general consensus seems to indicate the word is a Malay word that means ‘copper, brass.’ This is a little misleading, because tumbaga is actually a mixture of copper and gold. (Cesium is the only other ‘colored’ metallic element – all other metallic elements are achromatic, greys and whites.) Today, the word is typically used to describe materials from pre-Columbian Central and [...] Click here to continue reading.

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