Mignot Miniatures

C.B.G Mignot Miniatures

A manufacturer of miniature soldiers and other figures, the firm was founded in Paris, France in 1800 by Henri Mignot, a maker of toys and “flat” miniature soldiers, and is still in business today.

In 1825 Mignot joined with Messrs. Cuperly, Blondel, and Gerbeau (skilled craftsmen of the Luccotte firm of miniature makers) to form C.B.G. Mignot, with himself as the chief stockholder. The new firm produced their own miniatures as [...] Click here to continue reading.

Lucottes Miniatures

Lucotte Miniatures

Miniature toy soldiers were manufactured by Lucotte Miniatures in Paris, France from 1780 to 1825, when they were acquired by Mignot. One of the earliest such manufacturers, their work can be recognized by the trademark “L.C.”.

A metal worker by trade, and perhaps not wanting to copy the German flat soldiers of the time, M. Lucotte produced the first “ronde bosse” or fully-rounded figures which became known as Lucotte’s Petit Hommes, his [...] Click here to continue reading.

Courtenay (Richard) Miniature Figures

Courtenay Miniature Firgures

Courtenay Miniatures of Duran, England was founded in 1938 by Richard and Vida Courtenay as an extension of Doran toy makers which dates back to 1892. They continued in production until 1963.

The Courtenay specialty was very limited production figures, especially pewter royalty figures including Knights of the Round Table.

Peter Greenhill purchased the Courtenay molds in the early 1960′s and continues to market miniatures under both the Courtenay and Greenhill [...] Click here to continue reading.

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