Brokaw, Isaac – American Clockmaker

Upper section of circa 1805, Federal inlaid mahogany tall case clock, works by Isaac Brokaw, Bridgetown, New Jersey, swan neck and painted moon dial

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Upper section of circa 1810, New Jersey Hepplewhite mahogany tall case clock, painted face, signed Isaac Brokaw Bridge Town

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A New Jersey mahogany tall case clock by Isaac Brokaw

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A New Jersey Federal mahogany tall case clock with painted dial inscribed Isaac Brokaw, Elizabeth Town

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Isaac Brokaw (1746 to 1826)

Isaac Brokaw worked first in Elizabethtown and after 1788-89 in Bridgetown, New Jersey. He continued to use the old fashioned styles as he turned out about 125 tall case clocks.

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