Biedermeier Design Style

A Biedermeier upholstered sofa in fruitwood with banding inlay, Continental, 19th century

p4A ItemID F7938473
A pair of Biedermeier-style figured elm and parcel ebonized armchairs, 20th century

p4A ItemID F7937182
A pair of antique Biedermeier carved cherrywood side chairs, early 19th century

p4A ItemID F7937180
A set of four antique Biedermeier inlaid and parcel ebonized maple side chairs, late 19th/early 20th century

p4A ItemID F7937147

Biedermeier Style

The unpretentious and elegant Biedermeier style of furniture and accessories originated in Germany, circa 1820, and was popular there and in Austria until the mid-1840′s. It greatly simplified earlier French Empire lines into a classical architectural look that was also popular in eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and to some extent in France itself. A darker mahogany look was favored in the more northern European regions while the lighter hues of ash, birch, elm and fruitwoods were in fashion in the south. The style’s name comes from the pen-name “Papa Gottlieb Biedermeier”, used by two German poets who satirized the German middle class.

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