Royal Bonn

Royal Bonn Gilt and Polychrome Porcelain Covered Urn, c. 1890, impressed mark, decorated with floral garlands and raised gilt

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A Royal Bonn porcelain mantel clock with Ansonia works

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A Royal Bonn Porcelain Ansonia Mantle Clock

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Royal Bonn porcelain Art Nouveau vase, double gourd, signed on bottom, gilt handles and green ground

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Royal Bonn

Royal Bonn is the trade and collector’s name for earthenware made by the Franz Anton Mehlem Earthenware Factory in Bonn, located in the Rhineland region of Germany. The factory was founded in 1836 and continued in operation until 1921 when it was purchased by Villeroy & Boch, which eventually closed it in 1931.

Royal Bonn’s greatest period of productivity was from the 1880′s to 1921, during which time it was known for less expensive copies of Royal Worcester. Two of its product lines have attracted particular collector interest, Art Nouveau style vases with women’s portraits and ceramic mantel clock cases (many made for the Ansonia Clock Company of Connecticut).

Royal Bonn wares are generally well marked, including a stamped cartouche under a crown enclosing the AFM initals in script and the date 1755, and an impressed circle enclosing the initals. The date 1755 was intended to refer to an predecessor company, but in reality is purely fictitious.

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