Rose, Sally Abney

A Boehm bird figural group, chaffinch with double cherries

p4A ItemID D9904657
A pair of porcelain candelabra encrusted with flowers, base with cupids on swings

p4A ItemID D9903500
A pair of pa¢te-sur-pa¢te decorated vases depicting dancing women

p4A ItemID D9903487
A sixty-five piece Herend Market Garden pattern porcelain dinner service, Hungarian, 20th century

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Sally Abney Rose

The late Sally Abney Rose (1915 to 2005) had an eye for aesthetics, and appreciated beauty in the garden as well as the home. She was an accredited flower judge, and founder of Our Garden Club in Anderson, South Carolina. Her acquisitive nature and wide ranging tastes are hinted at in her extensive collection of antiques and decorative arts. She collected early South Carolina and Georgia furniture and country accessories, but also traveled the world acquiring and admiring beautiful objets. In her life she continued the work of her mother through her leadership of the Abney Foundation, an educational foundation started in 1959 that has helped put thousands of South Carolinians through college.

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