Crow Clockmakers of Delaware

Elgin Open Face Card Suite Pocket Watch Ca. 1917, featuring a playing card "Gambler" dial signed for the Yukon Territory. Philadelphia Crown gold filled case

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A Vienna walnut wall clock

p4A ItemID F7936763
A three weight Vienna wall clock

p4A ItemID F7936636
A Gustav Becker Vienna Wall Clock

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The Crow Clockmakers of Delaware

Clockmakers surnamed Crow were active in the Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia areas as early as 1740 when George Crow was making and selling clocks and surveying instruments (through circa 1770). His son, George Crow Jr., is known to have continued this business in Wilmington, circa 1800.

Thomas Crow was making and selling clocks in Wilmington circa 1770 and had moved to Philadelphia circa 1790, and later removed to West Chester (Pennsylvania) circa 1800.

A John Crow was also active in Wilmington, circa 1790, most likely not as a clockmaker, but as a seller of timepieces.


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