Landers, Frary & Clark Coffee Grinder

A Landers, Frary and Clark cast iron countertop coffee mill with drawer and two wheels

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A Landers, Frary & Clark countertop coffee mill

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A Landers, Frary, & Clark cast iron coffee mill or grinder

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A Landers, Frary & Clark 2 wheel cast iron coffee mill or grinder

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Landers, Frary & Clark Coffee Grinders & Mills

Landers, Frary & Clark of New Britain, Connecticut was a prolific producer of household goods. Incorporated in 1865, the company was successful and prosperous for nearly 100 years. Coffee grinder production began in the mid-1870′s. Key patents by Rudolphus Webb in 1875 and 1878 helped to get that business off to a fast start. Later patents kept new and highly popular coffee mill models coming for several more decades. LF&C made mills of all kinds: box, side, wall canisters, two-wheelers and electric.

Landers, Frary & Clark manufactured their first tin canister wall mill in the late 1890′s. Several popular models followed during the next twenty years or so. The company also kept producing tin box mills in large numbers. Around the turn of the century came a series of cast iron coffee mills patterned after those made by Enterprise Mfg. Co. They featured a unique six-spoke design on the double-wheel models.

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