Hudson, Ira & Family – American Carvers

A rare hollow carved blackduck decoy carved and painted by Ira Hudson with three piece body construction

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A miniature Hudsonian Godwit shorebird decoy carved by Anthony Elmer Crowell

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A canvasback drake duck decoy attributed to Ira Hudson

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A Hooded Merganser Drake Duck Decoy attributed to Ira Hudson

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Ira Hudson & Family, Carvers

Ira D. Hudson (1873 to 1949) was the most prolific and famous of the Chincoteague carvers. (Chincogteague is a coastal barrier island in Virginia.) Ira C., the grandson, continued the family’s carving tradtion and was still living on the island in 2002. Many of his works include decoys in flight, some with twisted necks. An open mouth on the decoy is almost a trademark of his better work. For more information consult “Ira Hudson & Family, Chincoteague Carvers” in the November 2002 issue of Decoy Magazine.

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