Bellamy, John – Woodcarver of Maine

A John Haley Bellamy eagle wall plaque in original gilt paint

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An eagle wall plaque carved in the manner of John Haley Bellamy

p4A ItemID F7985081
A carved and painted pine spread wing eagle and shield plaque probably by John Bellamy

p4A ItemID F7958686
A carved and gilt eagle wall plaque in the manner of John Haley Bellamy

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John Bellamy

John Haley Bellamy, master ship carver of Kittery Point, Maine produced some of the most outstanding decorative carving for ships and buildings during the last half of the 19th century. Bellamy was best known from his carved eagles which were characterized by concave wings, a deep cut eye and accentuated beak. He used a minimum of carving to achieve a masterful effect of clean simplicity. In addition to eagles, Bellamy carved animals, buildings, chairs, clocks, shelves, ship figureheads & sternboards and signs.


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