Geyer Family Collection of Tiffany Masterworks

A circa 1905 "Turtle-Back Diver's Lantern" in patinated bronze and favrile glass, by Tiffany Studios

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A circa 1905 leaded glass Tiffany Studios lamp screen in the form of a moth hanging from a patinated bronze chain

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An early 20th century Maple Leaf table lamp in leaded glass and patinated bronze, on a Tree base, signed by Tiffany Studios

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A Tiffany Studios Dogwood Band leaded glass shade table lamp with a rare reticulated bronze and glass Starfish base

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Geyer Family Collection of Tiffany Masterworks

Over a span of 40 years, Burton and Paula Geyer have assembled one of the finest private collections of works by Tiffany Studios, with a special emphasis on museum-quality lamps and fancy goods. Starting in Brooklyn as schoolteachers, Mr. and Mrs. Geyer were enthusiastic collectors of Tiffany Studios works early on, often buying pieces on installment plans from top galleries. They learned from many of the pioneers of the Tiffany market, including Lillian Nassau, Gladys Koch, Beatrice Weiss and Simon Lieberman. Over the years, the Geyers slowly began assembling their impressive collection by combing auction houses, antique stores and galleries for the best of the best.

“After 40 years of passionately collecting works by Tiffany Studios, our journey has not yet ended, and we continue to curate and refine our collection. However, we have simply run out of room, and we are reluctantly parting with aspects of our collection so that the next generation of enthusiasts can enjoy these rare and beautiful works, rather than keeping them stored away in boxes,” says Mr. Burton Geyer.

Biographical note from Sotheby’s sales information for the auction, December 2012.

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