Autoperipatetikos (walking doll mechanism)

Patent Walking Doll or Autoperipatetikos, clockwork drive toy doll in original box marked Joseph Lyon & Co., Boston

p4A ItemID D9749143
An American Autoperipatetikos or Walking Doll having a blonde Hawkins patent papier mache shoulder head, and painted and molded features with blue eyes, on a walking body with kid arms and brass clockwork mechanism with original key

p4A ItemID D9701530
An Autoperipatetikos mechanical walking doll with her original box

p4A ItemID D9667684
An Autoperipatetikos mechanical walking doll with a papier-mache head

p4A ItemID D9667681


An Autoperipatetikos, or Autoperipatikos, is a doll who walks by means of a clockwork mechanism (originally patented by Enoch Rice Morrison on July 15, 1862) which causes her feet, usually made of pressed metal, to move back and forth. The dolls were made in Germany, France and America, and are supposedly the first mechanical toy patented in America of which there are still existing examples.

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