Boone, Daniel

Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone (1734 to 1820) is one of the most legendary figures in American history. He was born near Reading, Pennsylvania, but his family soon moved to North Carolina. After hearing stories of Kentucky, Boone set out for it in 1767 and lived there. He then helped develop the famed Wilderness Road as well as Boonesborough. He was captured by the Shawnees and he eventually escaped. In retribution, the Shawnees tried a siege of Boonesborough but they were repelled. Boone spend his last years in Missouri but is buried in his beloved Kentucky.

In the early 1780′s, Boone was made Lieutenant-Colonel of Fayette County, Kentucky and was a delegate to the legislature. By the late 1780′s, Boone had lost all of his land because he did not technically still hold the title to them.


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