Haines, Jeremiah

Jeremiah Haines

Little is known about Jeremiah Haines, although he is listed in American Cabinetmakers: Marked American Furniture, 1640-1940 by William C. Ketchum, Jr.

Ketchum notes the existence of a Chippendale mahogany chest of drawers, circa 1770 to 1790, illustrated in the January 1956 issue of Antiques. The bottom of the piece was inscribed “Made and Sold by Jereiah Haines.”

Skinner, Inc., offered a sideboard signed and dated 1808 at an auction in 2013. That item had a pencil inscription, “March 31th, Made and Sold by Jeremiah Haines, Mt. Holly on Water Street No. 3 Down from Griff…” (See p4A Item ID E8904561.)

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