Napoleon Bonaparte

French Hussar Helmet, brass with Napoleonic eagle emblem and bearskin crest

p4A ItemID D9823720
Napoleonic Wars scrimshaw tusk commemorating the Anglo-Mahratta Campaign battles with portrait of English General Arthur Wellesley and symbol of King George III

p4A ItemID D9774594
A J.B. Baucheron flintlock shotgun with crown N barrel marks for the House of Bonaparte

p4A ItemID D9728572
A Napoleonic French Imperial gilt bronze eagle battle staff ornament on plinth with N

p4A ItemID D9695489

Napoleon Bonaparte

Born on August 15th 1769, in Corisca, Napoleon crowned himself emperor on December 2, 1804. He died in exile on the island of St. Helena in 1821. In 1840, King Louis Philippe ordered that his remains be brought to Paris and placed in the Hotel des Invalides.

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