Victor, Victrola, Model XIV Phonograph

The Victor Victrola Model XIV Phonograph

A floor model, the XIV was introduced in 1910, to fill the gap between the new tabletop X and XI models and the $200 flagship XVI. The earliest XIV models had a squarish look, with minimal decorative trim and unusual curved Queen Anne legs. These models also used gold plated hardware. The design was modernized to closely match the newly redesigned Model XVI in late 1912. The cabinet was again modernized and enlarged in 1917. Production of the Model XIV ended in 1921. The XIV was available in a variety of wood finishes, but mahogany was by far the most popular choice. The early Queen Anne model is especially sought-after by collectors today.

The original 1910 selling price of the Model XIV was $150. An estimated total of 270,000 Victrola XIV’s were produced.

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