Shona-Hah or Mary J. Smith – Native American Carver

Shona-Hah carving of an elderly Nez Perce woman with a cane and a yarn bag

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Shona-Hah carving of a shaman with a carved mask and bone necklace

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A Shona-Hah carving of a buffalo hunter wearing a buffalo horn headdress and a hide robe

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Shona Hah carving of a shaman wearing a transformation mask and a button blanket

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Shona-Hah or Mary J. Smith (Native American, 1912 to 1997)

Shona-Hah or Mary J. Smith was Cherokee by birth and became the matriarch of the Lelooska family. Her artwork, and especially her “Little People,” has left a legacy of both the everyday activities and the ceremonial dress of Native Americans. In June 1983 Southwest Art featured her in an article on pages 65-71.

Information courtesy of Cowan’s Auctions Inc., September 2006.

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