Katsina (Kachina) – Hope Spirit Doll

Tony Abeyta Acrylic on Canvas Painting, signed 1990, 3 Kachina Type Faces & Birds

p4A ItemID F7961116
Hopi Polik Mana Katsina, beautifully carved and painted

p4A ItemID F7961037
Pueblo Flat Katsina Doll, carved from a single piece of wood

p4A ItemID F7961034
Hopi Katsina plate, early 20th century

p4A ItemID F7957276


According to sources on the Hopi Reservation the correct spelling of these Hopi spirit dolls is katsina. The Hopi do not have the “ch” sound (church) in their language. The white man has, over time, changed the word in spelling and pronunciation to be Kachina (the Anglicized version). The Handbook of North American Indians uses the spelling “kachina.” Both examples appear in auction catalogues, and we attempt to use both examples in the database for ease of searching.

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