Yazz, Beatien (Little No Shirt or Jimmy Toddy) – Native American Artist – Navajo

Beatien Yazz, gouache winter landscape, signed

p4A ItemID E8845968
Beatien (Little No Shirt) Yazz gouache on gray/green paper, Wild Horse, signed

p4A ItemID F7989498
Beatian Yazz gouache on paper, signed. Running buffalo

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Beatien Yazz Gouache on Paper, untitled, signed

p4A ItemID F7979534

Beatien Yazz (Navajo, born 1928)

Beatien Yazz, born March 5, 1928 in Arizona, is also known as Little No Shirt and Jimmy Toddy, and was a Code Talker during WWII. He has received numerous commissions, honors, and awards and his works are in many museums (Lester 1995:47).

Information courtesy of Cowan’s Auctions September 2006

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