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Collection of Bill Sheka, Texas

William A. (Bill) Sheka Jr.: Bill, a U.S. Army Veteran, has been a professional hunting and fishing guide for 30 years. He was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and after his military service, college, and working on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, he returned to Corpus Christi and worked for Baroid Logging Systems, quickly advancing to Operations Manager and then Senior Sales Rep. Sheka realized that he wanted to guide full time and did so. He is one of the most celebrated guides on the Gulf Coast, with numerous TV appearances and magazine articles.

Bill’s interest in native culture began with his mother, who had majored in archaeology from Texas University. He found his first arrowhead in a field near Leakey, Texas at the age of 6. In 1990, Sheka became an active relic dealer and collector and has been a long standing member of the Genuine Indian Relic Society. Many pieces of his have been published in the Prehistoric American Journal. Recently, Bill passionately branched out into Plains Indians items.

Information courtesy of Cowan’s Auctions, Inc.

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