Gorevan Oriental Rugs

Gorevan Heriz carpet, northwest Persia, early 20th century, the indigo, cream and brick red angular lobed floral medallion anchored on a brick floral vine filled field flanked by cream spandrels, all within a deep indigo palmette and floral vine border

p4A ItemID E8964231
Heriz Gorevan rug, Persian, late 19th/early 20th century, brick-red field with salmon, blue, yellow and brown designs

p4A ItemID E8856260
Oriental room size rug, Iran, circa 1930, Gorevan Heriz

p4A ItemID E8852724
Gorevan Mat, 3 Medallions on Red Figured Field

p4A ItemID F7951012

Gorevan Oriental Rugs

Gorevan is an Iranian town near Heriz, however the rug term denotes quality rather than geographic origin. A very coarsely woven rug with a Heriz pattern may be described as a Gorevan rug.

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