Daghestan Oriental Rug

Daghestan rug, northeast Caucasus, last quarter 19th century, the antique oriental area rug having an allover pattern on an ivory field

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Daghestan prayer rug, northeast Caucasus, dated 1806, the antique oriental carpet having stylized flowers in lattice

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Daghestan antique area rug, East Caucasus, late 19th century, the ivory field with rows of palmettes and rosettes

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Caucasian prayer rug, Daghestan, probably early 20th century, red central panel with serrated mihrab

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Daghestan Rugs

Daghestan means “land of mountains” and encompasses the northeastern region of the Caucasus. Rugs from this area have symmetric knots on wool warps and either wool or cotton wefts. They often feature an all-over or lattice pattern and are found mostly in smaller sizes, especially during the 19th century.

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