Sarnoff, Arthur Saron – American Artist

Arthur Saron Sarnoff oil painting, Beating to the Weather Mark

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Arthur Sarnoff oil painting. East of Meeker, cowboys with pack horses

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Arthur Sarnoff oil on Masonite, Hunters with Hounds Trekking Through Woods, signed

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Arthur Sarnoff, acrylic on board titled Rural Washday, signed

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Arthur Saron Sarnoff (1912-2000)

Arthur Sarnoff was an internationally recognized painter who studied with Andrew Riley, Ed Oppenheimer, and noted Western artist John Clymer. He did numerous portraits in his lifetime including John & Jackie Kennedy and was very proficient as an illustrator of sporting events and created a number of paintings for illustrations depicting the West Indians, Cowboys, etc. Illustrations appears in the Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Colliers, Redbook, McCall’s, Esquire, American, Corlnet, etc.

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