Lewis, Kathryn Yager – American Artist

An oil on canvas floral still life by Kathryn Yager Lewis

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Kathryn Yager Lewis

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I thought I might comment on artist Kathryn Yager Lewis. She was my Grandmother and my family does have at least 30 works of hers across 3 homes.

She lived primarily in Oak Park, Illinois and during WWII she was a cartographer for Gousha Maps in Chicago drawing maps from aerial photographs that were used by the war department to chart their campaigns. She moved to San Jose, California in the early 1950′s then settled in Carmel where she stayed for about 20 years before passing away in November 1985.

Other paintings by her might have been signed with the last name Davis and later Edwards.

Her works were primarily oils, still life’s and landscape of Point Lobos and other beautiful spots that surrounded Carmel. One that I have in my home is a scene out her Gousha window of Wacker Drive along the Chicago River which I believe is her only cityscape.

He brother was Rick Yager, one of the original artists and illustrators of the Buck Rogers comic strip in the 1920′s and her only child, Robert E. Lewis was my dad.

(signed) Diane Lewis-Bridge

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