Wu Guanzhong

A Chinese watercolor and ink abstract landscape painting of a rural village by Wu Guanzhong

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Wu Guanzhong

Wu Guanzhong was one of China’s best known contemporary painters whose popularity, both inside and outside of China, continues to rise. In 1936 he joined the National Arts Academy of Hangzhou studying both Chinese and Western painting techniques. After studying in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, he introduced Western aspects of painting to his students at the Central Academy of Art in Beijing. He was banned from painting and teaching at the start of the Cultural Revolution and was sent to Hebei Province for hard labor. Wu’s art has been shown in Singapore, Tokyo, Korea, Great Britain and the United States of America, to acclaim and superior reviews. He passed away on June 25, 2010 but his influence continues to exert itself both in Asia and the West.

Reference note courtesy of New Orleans Auction. December 2011.

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