Cowden & Wilcox

Cowden & Wilcox Pottery

The Cowden family made pottery under a number of business names in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, from 1861 to 1923.

The Cowden & Wilcox portion of this history operated from 1870 to 1881. During this period the pottery was directed by John W. Cowden and Isaac J. Wilcox. Cowden, who died in 1872, was succeded by his son Frederick and Wilcox. The firm was known for its blue decorated salt glazed utility ware such as churns, crocks, jugs, pails and the like. An impressed company mark was used and cobalt blue decorative motifs included florals and foliage, birds, figures and other devices. Slip trail decorated wares were also made in smaller quantities.

Frederick Cowden continued the business after 1881 (until 1888) as F. H. Cowden. He introduced more pieces with straight shapes and stenciled decoration.

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