Norton, Frank B – Pottery

Frank Norton stoneware churn with cobalt parrot decoration, from Worcester, Massachusetts

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Stoneware flask with cobalt wreath and 1867 date, probably by F.B. Norton of Worcester, Massachusetts

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Salt-glazed [pottery] stoneware stump-form umbrella stand with reclining dog, stamped "F.B. NORTON & CO. / WORCESTER, MASS."

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Worcester, Massachusetts salt-glazed stoneware [pottery] cobalt blue-decorated six-gallon crock, Frank B. Norton and Company, with parrot decoration

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Frank B. Norton Pottery

The F.B. Norton Pottery was operated in Worcester, Massachusetts from 1858 to 1894 by Franklin (Frank) B. Norton in association with Frederick Hancock. It is thought that Frank probably learned the pottery craft from his uncle, Luman Norton, who operated the Norton Pottery in Bennington, Vermont.

Frank’s Norton Pottery made utilitarian stoneware, including crocks, churns, jugs, jars, pots and similar wares. From 1858 to 1876 the firm operated as F.B. Norton & Company. In 1876 Hancock sold out and the firm was renamed Frank B. Norton. When Frank died his sons, Myron and John, operated the business as F.B. Norton’s Sons until 1894.

Three known incised marks for the pottery are: “F B NORTON & CO./WORCESTER, MASS.”, “FRANK B NORTON/WORCESTER, MASS.” and “F.B. NORTON SONS/WORCESTER, MASS.”


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