Locke & Co. Porcelain

Rare Miniature Tanware Figure of a Spaniel, Greensboro or New Geneva, PA origin, circa 1885, slip-cast figure of a seated spaniel with incised locket, the surface decorated with Albany slip stripes and spots

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Six Decorated Asian Porcelain Plaques, Chinese, 20th century, four porcelain plaques with birds and poems, two porcelain plaques of landscapes and poems

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Cobalt-Decorated Stoneware Figure of a Spaniel, Midwestern origin, late 19th century, molded figure of a spaniel with Bristol-slip-glazed surface, featuring brushed cobalt highlights

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Fine Glazed Redware Spaniel Bank, attributed to George Wagner, Carbon County, PA, late 19th century, molded figure of a seated spaniel on slab base with applied coleslaw mane and tail tip

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Locke & Co. Porcelain

This porcelain was manufactured by Edward Locke at a small production facility he established in 1895 at Shrub Hill, Worcester in 1895. His wares closely followed the styles used at the Royal Worcester works. They included vases, potpourri bowls, urns and other decorative pieces, often with reticulated features. A pale yellow and/or buff ground was fequently used. Locke continued this operation into the 20th century when it was taken over by the Royal Worcester Porcelain Co sometime between 1904 and 1914.

Edward Locke used three marks for his wares: from 1895 to 1903, a printed “Locke & Co/Worcester” mark; from 1895 to 1900, a printed globe mark with three bands reading “Locke & Co/Worcester/England”; and from 1900 to close, a similar printed globe mark reading “Locke & Co Ltd/Shrub Hill Works/Worcester” with “England” printed below the globe.

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