Roseville Pottery Silhouette Pattern

A Roseville pottery Silhouette 763-8, nude decorated vase, turquoise

p4A ItemID D9715080
A pair of Roseville pottery, Zanesville, Ohio, silhouette vases, leaves, reddish brown and green

p4A ItemID D9672090
A Roseville pottery Silhouette Nude jardiniere in blue, shape 742-6

p4A ItemID D9663094
A Roseville pottery Silhouette fan shaped vase in white with a reclining nude on either side

p4A ItemID E8889406

Roseville Pottery Silhouette Pattern

Roseville’s Silhouette pattern presents leaves, flowers, or seated nudes set against a recessed area in rose, turquoise, tan, and white with turquoise, 1952. Turquoise is often called green. Mark: Roseville in relief. 40 total shapes: 38 used once, one used twice. The hanging basket was unnumbered. All three digit Silhouette shape numbers begin with “7.”

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