Monteith – Definition

Gilt Silver Monteith, probably American, 20th century, scroll and foliate rim, mask, hunting and fighting scene

p4A ItemID F7970388
Kirk Coin Silver Monteith Trophy, Baltimore, Maryland, 1846-1861

p4A ItemID F7967265
Large English Silver Monteith/Center bowl, London, 1896

p4A ItemID F7959036
Edwardian silver Monteith bowl, Charles Stuart Harris & Son London, circa 1920

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Monteith – Definition

A monteith is a large bowl with a scalloped rim so that six or eight wine glasses may be suspended by the foot, allowing the bowl of each to be chilled by the immersion in iced water before use. (The name, according to 17th-century diarist Anthony Wood, derives from the Scotsman “Monteith” who, at Oxford, during the reign of Charles II, adopted the affectation of wearing a cloak with a scalloped hem.) The earliest known silver example dates from 1666, but the traditional “punch bowl” form with detachable collar, was in vogue during the reigns of William and Mary (1689-1702) and Queen Anne (1702-1714).

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