McNicol Pottery Company

A 1915 D.E. McNicol Pottery Co., East Liverpool, Ohio, W.E. Steward, Birdsboro Pa., china advertising calendar plate, marked D. E. McNichol Pottery Co., plain rim, transfer of map in the center showing newly constructed Panama Canal

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A 1920 D.E. McNicol Pottery Co., East Liverpool, Ohio, Gately & Fitzgerald Supply Co, Harrisburg, Pa., china advertising calendar plate

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A 1920 D.E. McNicol Pottery Co., East Liverpool, Ohio, Gately & Fitzgerald Supply Co, Harrisburg, Pa., china advertising calendar plate, marked D. E. McNichol, East Liverpool, O., XNK, scalloped rim, transfer of American flag with Season's Greeting/Gately & Fitzgerald Supply Co.

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An early 20th century D.E. McNicol Pottery Co., East Liverpool, Ohio, Thos. M. Bross, Jonestown, Pa., china advertising plate, two turkeys decor

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D.E. McNicol Pottery Co.

The following entry is from the History of Columbiana County, Ohio, by Harold B. Barth and published by the Historical Publishing Company of Topeka and Indianapolis in 1926.

The D. E. McNicol Pottery Company, of East Liverpool, [Ohio], is one of the old established and important industries of this city. Its main plant, known as No. 1, is located on the corner of Broadway and Sixth streets. This plant has ten large general ware kilns and five large decorating kilns. High grade semi-porcelain, plain white and decorated dinner ware, also decorated specialties, are made at this plant. Plant No. 2 is located on Starkey Street and has three large general ware kilns where white semiporcelain dinner ware is made. Plant No. 3 is located on Boyce Street, East End, where they have ten large kilns and manufacture Rockingham and Yellow ware, also saggers, and pins and stilts for their different plants. Plant No. 5, a new modern plant, is located at Clarksburg, [West Virginia], and has ten large kilns and six decorated kilns. High grade semi-porcelain in white and decorated is made at this plant.

The history of this pottery began in 1862 when John S. Goodwin built the original plant, consisting of two kilns. After operating this plant for a few years he sold it to H. A. Marks, Enoch Riley, John Neville, and others, who conducted the business as A. J. Marks & Company until 1869, when it was sold to John McNicol, who organized a joint stock company of the following members: John McNicol, Patrick McNicol, William Burton, Sr., William Burton, Jr., Mitchell McClure, and Adolph Fritz. John McNicol died in 1882 and his son, Daniel E. McNicol took over his interests and later on from year to year he bought all the other interests from members of McNicol Burton & Company. In 1892 he organized the D. E. McNicol Pottery Company which was incorporated. At this time W. L. Smith became interested and took an active part in the business until 1908 when his interest was purchased by Daniel E. McNicol. Since that time The D. E. McNicol Pottery plants have been operated by D. E. McNicol and his four sons: John A., Hugh L., Daniel E., Jr., and Cornelius C. McNicol.

In 1914 a new plant was built by this company at Clarksburg, W. Va., which is operated under the same management.

p4A additon: during the 19th century was known to have produced a line of Rockingham glazed yellowware, including mold decorated pitchers, and other utilitarian yellowware. At least 42 marks were registered by the company during its years of operation, most used on its 20th century hotel, dinner and advertising ware. The company was still in business as late as the 1960′s.

Reference note by p4A editorial staff, October 2011.

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