Hormell, Nelson G

Nelson G. Hormell

A native of Western Pennsylvania, Nelson G. Hormell (1832 to 1902) was a potter who moved to the village of Newport in Tuscarawas County, Ohio in the 1860′s. By the 1870′s he was producing utilitarian stoneware there, either by himself or in partnership with William Smythe.

Hormell stoneware is most often marked in a cobalt script. When working alone, Hormell signed his wares N. G. Hormell; in partnership the wares are marked Hormell & Smythe. In either case the script frequently references Newport Ohio, or Tuscarawas County Ohio – occasionally both. Dated wares from the 1870′s are also known.

William Smythe (recorded as Smith) in the census, was an English immigrant. By 1880 he appears to have removed with his family from the Newport / Tuscarawas County area.

Reference note by p4A editorial staff; 2012.

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