Evan Griffith Ricketts – potter

Evan Ricketts stoneware pitcher with cobalt tree and date of July 4, 1833, from Maysville, Kentucky

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Stoneware pitcher marked for Maysville, Kentucky merchants Cooper and Power, with cobalt oval and swag decoration

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Evan Griffith Ricketts (1785 to 1874)

Evan Griffith Ricketts (1785-1874) was born in Cecil County, Maryland, and married Hannah Travers in that state on May 28, 1812. The couple immediately moved west, settling in Maysville, Kentucky, by February 8, 1813, when their first child was born. Evan G. Ricketts is listed as a potter in the 1850 census (the first census to list occupations) and clearly began manufacturing stoneware before making this pitcher in 1833. Further research is required to determine when and where Ricketts first began his operation; however, he is certainly one of the pioneer stoneware potters of Maysville and predates the well-known Isaac Thomas, who began potting in 1834.

Information courtesy of Crocker Farm, Inc., November 2012

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