Jim Murphy

Large Uziah Kendall, Cincinnati, Ohio, stoneware [salt-glazed pottery] crock

p4A ItemID E8865056
Andrew McChesney, Summit County, Ohio, stoneware [salt-glazed pottery] crock

p4A ItemID E8864968
Globe Pottery, Crooksville, Ohio, churn, dated 1902. White [Bristol slip?] glaze with cobalt [blue] inscription and banding

p4A ItemID E8864951
OHIO STONEWARE CROCK, "William Rowley, Middlebury, O." with cobalt floral decoration

p4A ItemID E8850633

James Murphy

James L. [Jim] Murphy (1941 to 2012) of Grove City, Ohio passed away on Oct. 8, 2012. Murphy published widely in the field of archeology and in 2008 was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Archeological Society of Ohio. He was known to Ohio collectors as one of the state’s foremost experts on the topic of Ohio pottery. He was also an avid collector who was always willing to share his extensive knowledge of the subject. He was employed for over 20 years at the Ohio State University library.

Biographical note courtesy of Professor Robert Treichler.

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