Bezanson, Brother Thomas

BROTHER THOMAS BEZANSON (1929 to 2007), large hand-built porcelain center bowl, Purple Copper on Opal White glaze

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BROTHER THOMAS BEZANSON (1929 - 2007) elongated vase, blue kairagi glaze, Weston, VT; Glazed porcelain

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BROTHER THOMAS BEZANSON (1929 - 2007) small vase, Rose Red Copper glaze, Weston, VT. Glazed porcelain

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BROTHER THOMAS BEZANSON (1929 - 2007), fine vase with flaring rim, Chrysanthemum glaze

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Brother Thomas Bezanson

Brother Thomas Bezanson was a Canadian-born artist who is best known for his finely thrown porcelain vessels and complex glazes. After studying philosophy at the University of Ottawa, he spent twenty-five years as a Benedictine monk at Weston Priory, Vermont, before becoming the artist-in-residence at Mount Saint Benedict in Erie, Pennsylvania. Bezanson believed in art as the language of the spirit, and he approached pottery as a monk would their daily duties and prayers: with equal measures of practice, concentration, and repetition. His ceramic experimentation yielded an astoundingly beautiful array of glazes and shapes. Heavily influenced by Japanese and Sung Dynasty ceramics, he valued perfection in his craft, leading him to destroy nearly 80% of each firing. His works can be found in over eighty museum collections worldwide.

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