Herend Porcelain

Pair Herend Rothschild Bird Table Lamps, Hungarian, 20th century, porcelain table lamps with molded basket weave design

p4A ItemID F7960132
18 Herend Chinese Bouquet Service Plates, Hungarian, 20th century, gilt molded basket weave design with orange decoration

p4A ItemID F7951029
Seven Piece Partial Herend Coffee Service, Hungarian, 20th century, Chinese Bouquet pattern, gilt and molded basket weave design with orange decoration

p4A ItemID F7951028
26 Pieces of Herend Rothschild Bird pattern tableware, Hungarian, 20th century

p4A ItemID F7950968

Herend Porcelain

The Herend Porcelain Manufactory was started in 1826 in Hungary by Vince Stingl, he started by making earthenware pottery, but by 1839, went bankrupt and his creditor Mor Fischer took over the factory. Fischer started artistic porcelain manufacturing in this year. Herend subsequently became very successful, being popular with much of the European aristocracy and nobility. His sons took over the operation in 1874 and the company continues to produce fine hand-crafted porcelain products.

p4A Editorial Staff, December 2014.

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