Weller Pottery – Woodcraft Pattern

Weller Pottery, Woodcraft Muskota Kingfisher fish bowl and base

p4A ItemID F7987728
Weller Pottery, Woodcraft Owl Vase, with owl perched branch on side of knot hole

p4A ItemID F7987721
Weller Pottery, Woodcraft, Owl Vase with Squirrel, with owl looking out of tree hole and squirrel climbing down the side

p4A ItemID F7987720
Weller Pottery, Woodcraft Bluebird Lamp Base

p4A ItemID F7987717

Weller Pottery ‘Woodcraft’

Woodcraft was one of Weller’s naturalistic lines sharing some of the same molds as the Voile and Flemish lines. The line was characterized by a textured, tree bark finish in shades of matt brown and green. Raised or modeled foxes, squirrels, owls, birds, leaves and fruit were common decorations.

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