Solomon Purdy and Sons – Ohio Stoneware Potters

T. Reed stoneware crock with cobalt floral decoration, from Tuscarawas County, Ohio

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T. Reed stoneware crock with cobalt tulip decoration, from Tuscarawas County, Ohio

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Ohio three-gallon stoneware crock, 19th c., impressed S. Purdy Portage Co. Ohio, with cobalt highlights

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OHIO STONEWARE JUG. Second quarter-19th century. Ovoid jug impressed S. Purdy with cobalt accent

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Solomon Purdy, Ohio Potter

Solomon Purdy began potting circa 1820 in Putnam, Ohio, where he made utilitarian and slip decorated redware as well as roofing tiles. He lived for a time in the German community of Zoar, circa 1820 to 1850, before returning to Atwater, Ohio in 1850, where his son Gordon was potting stoneware circa 1850 to 1870.

Solomon Purdy’s stoneware is variously marked “S. Purdy Zoar”, “S. Purdy Atwater” as well as “S. Purdy.” In addition he sometimes marked his ware “ZOAR.”

Pieces also occasionally appear marked for “H. Purdy,” who was Henry Purdy, Solomon’s son. Henry only worked as a potter briefly, choosing instead to pursue a career in politics, where he would later hold the office of mayor of Akron, among other positions.

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