Gouda Pottery

A Zuid Holland Gouda Rhodian pottery handled jar, Netherlands, 1915 to 1918, retailed by Liberty & Co., London, stamnos-form, decorated with a pheasant

p4A ItemID E8916910
A pair of Zuid Holland Gouda Rhodian Ina Pattern pottery candlesticks, Netherlands, date ciphers for 1921, each with circular drip cup over narrow stem joined by four angular handles

p4A ItemID E8916909
A Zuid Holland Gouda pottery high glaze shouldered vase, Netherlands, early 20th century, polychrome hand-painted with tulip design

p4A ItemID E8916908
A Zuid Holland Gouda pottery Art Nouveau glazed ceramic wall-hanging charger, floral decoration, Netherlands, circa 1900

p4A ItemID E8897295

Gouda Pottery

Pottery has been made in Gouda, Holland, since at least the 1600′s. Today’s collectors most often encounter the work of two later potteries, the “Zenith” pottery in operation during the 18th century, and the “Zuid-Hollandsche” pottery which opened in 1880 and continued in operation until the on-set of World War II. The latter firm specialized in brightly colored products in an Art Nouveau or Art Deco style and marked their wares “Gouda”.

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