Clews Staffordshire Pottery

Blue Transferware Staffordshire Coronation well and tree platter, marked Clews

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Clews Staffordshire Blue Center Bowl with Thirteen States, English, 19th century

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HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATTER. England, 2nd quarter 19th century. Octagonal "Landing of Gen'l Lafayette". Impressed Clews

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FOUR HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATES. England, 2nd quarter-19th century. "Landing of Gen'l Lafayette". Impressed Clews

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James & Ralph Clews

In 1815 the brothers James and Ralph Clews rented a pottery works from William Adams in the Staffordshire village of Cobridge where they produced their specialty, high quality blue transfer printed wares, until their partnership ended in 1834.

Serving primarily the American and Russian markets, the Clews brothers produced a number of popular American design series, including “American Views” and “The Landing of Lafayette”. In addition Clews produced the Zoological series and the “Doctor Syntax” series, based on the sketches of Thomas Rowlandson and rhymes by William Combe (1815 to 1821) lampooning the fashionable “cult of the picturesque”.

After 1834 James Clews came to America to help establish a pottery in Troy, Indiana. The venture was not successful and after five years he returned to England.

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