Stock Tickers

A 20th century Edison stock ticker tape machine in black metal case

p4A ItemID E8925686
An Edison Western Union type stock ticker machine with original glass dome

p4A ItemID E8921956
A Western Union Edison Universal Type 3A stock ticker the with dome

p4A ItemID E8897605
An Edison stock ticker tape machine

p4A ItemID E8874703

Stock Tickers

Electric stock tickers were invented in the 1860′s as an extension of existing telegraph services. The early models were much improved by Thomas Edison but continued to be manufactured by several different companies. Typically the tickers were provided to subscribers who paid approximately $6.00 per week to receive updated quotes on the stock and gold markets. The tickers were widely used, with over one thousand at the New York Stock Exchange alone by 1880. The usefulness of stock tickers declined as other forms of communication were developed, but they remained fixtures of the investment world until the World War II era.

Reference note by p4A editors, 2011.

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