American National & Gendron

A restored Gendron Buick roadster pedal car

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An American National pressed steel gasoline tanker toy truck

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An American National pressed steel chemical pumper toy fire truck

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An American National Franklin pressed steel pedal car

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American National & The Gendron Wheel Company

The American National Company of Toledo, Ohio was established circa 1925 and together with the Toledo Metal and Gendron Wheel Companies produced a variety of pressed steel goods including large toy cars and trucks, pedal cars, tricycles, and ride-on children’s toys.

Toys were labeled and sold under a variety of recognized trade names including American National, Toledo, Gendron, Pioneer, Skippy, Reliance, Hi-Speed, Hi-Way, Blue Streak and Sampson.

Financial problems of the late 1930s Depression Era forced the company to consolidate operations at the Gendron Wheel Co. plant in Perrysburg, Ohio on the south side of Toledo. World War II production consisted primarily of wheelchairs and stretchers. The company went through a variety of takeovers and transformations after the war continuing to make playground and recreational items into the early 1970s.

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