Jouets en Paris, JEP, Paris Toys

A Jouets en Paris JEP 4-door sedan wind-up toy car

p4A ItemID D9695478
A JEP Renault lithographed tin open air toy car

p4A ItemID E8913732
A JEP Hispano Suiza tinplate clockwork touring toy car

p4A ItemID F7963435
A JEP lithographed tin clockwork fire ladder truck with two firemen

p4A ItemID F7933069

Jouets en Paris, JEP, Paris Toys

Jouets en Paris, JEP (Paris, France, circa 1899 to 1965) maker of fine clockwork toy automobiles, motorcycles and aircraft. JEP began operations in 1899 as the Societe Industriel de Ferblanteriel and changed its name to J de P in 1928 and again in 1932 to JEP.

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