Buddy L Trucks

A Buddy L pressed steel flivver toy dump truck

p4A ItemID F7947177
A Buddy L pressed steel Ice Delivery truck

p4A ItemID F7947170
A Buddy L Express Line Delivery toy truck

p4A ItemID F7947169
A restored Buddy L Coal Truck with side chute

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Buddy L Trucks

“Buddy L” trucks were first made in 1921 as custom toys for the son of Fred Lundahl, owner of Moline Pressed Steel Co. of Moline, Illinois, founded in 1913. Named for his son, “Buddy L” trucks soon became a product line of the company and continued to be made into the 1990s.

Early Buddy L trucks are large, averaging between 21″ and 26″ long, and are practically indestructible having been made of heavy gauge steel. Lighter gauge steel was introduced in the 1930s and wooden versions were made during World War II when steel was diverted to the war effort.

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