Dent Hardware Company

A Dent Hardware Fordson cast iron tractor with driver

p4A ItemID F7964940
A Dent Hardware cast iron toy Mack dump truck with driver

p4A ItemID F7964869
A Dent Hardware cast iron fire pumper toy truck with driver and rear fireman

p4A ItemID F7964237
A Dent Hardware cast iron fire water tower truck with driver and water pipe

p4A ItemID F7948098

Dent Hardware Co.

Henry H. Dent founded The Dent Hardware Company of Fullerton, Pennsylvania in 1895. Beginning in 1898, the company produced a wide variety of cast iron still banks and toys, although these products never became a central focus of the Hardware Company. Dent ceased production of still banks and toys in 1937 and the company closed its doors in 1973.

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