Marblehead (Massachusetts) Pottery

ARTHUR BAGGS (1886 - 1947); MARBLEHEAD Pottery fine and rare scenic tile, Marblehead, MA, ca. 1908

p4A ItemID F7963888
MARBLEHEAD Pottery large vase with stylized clematis, Marblehead, MA, 1910's-20's

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MARBLEHEAD Pottery low bowl with berries

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ARTHUR HENNESSEY; SARAH TUTT (1859 - 1947); MARBLEHEAD Pottery fine vase with stylized trees

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Marblehead Pottery

The Marblehead (Massachusetts) Pottery operated from 1904 to 1936 producing a small output of classically shaped ware in simple matte glazes, some with beautifully done handcarved designs. In 1912 a line of ten-enameled faience was introduced, including table ware, decorative pieces, bookends, etc.

Marblehead Pottery was founded by Herbert Hall as a handicraft program for the mentally ill. Arthur E. Baggs, noted Ohio potter, organized the technical work until 1915 when he purchased the operation, managing it until 1925 when he returned to Ohio.

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