Van Der Aa, Pierre – Dutch Publisher & Mapmaker

Pieter van der Aa map of the Southeastern United States coast titled Zee En Land Togten Der Franszen Gedaan Na, En In't Americaans Gewest Van Florida, Aller-Eerst Door Ioh. Pontius Ontdekt

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A 1707 map of the Virginia to Florida coastline by Pieter van der Aa

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A 1707 map by Pieter van der Aa titled Virginie

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A 1761 map by Arnoldus Montanus titled in part Partie Meridionale de la Virginie

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Pieter Van der Aa (1659-1733)

Pieter Van der Aa was from Leiden, Holland and was a fine publisher and maker of maps and atlases including the notable 1714 ATLAS NOVEUA ET CURIEUX DE PLUS CELEBRES ITINERIES (A New Atlas and curious and celebrated itineries). His fine volumes included local views of the New World. In 1729, Van der Aa published his monumental works GALLERIE AGREEABLE DU MONDE which contained 2500 plates and maps, in 66 part/volumes. These maps and views show the typical outlines, native scenes and important locations from Delaware to Mexico, including the English colonies which then included only areas in the Appalachians; French territories in the southern and Gulf states.

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